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Client List

Successful Partnerships

Bodhi Design and Fabrication LLC has experience working with a variety of different types of clients, from Burning Man artists, to tech startups and Grand Prix yachts.  Read below and learn about some of the clients who have turned to them to execute their vision.

Helios lit, Kate Raudenbush.jpeg

An iconic and legendary Burning Man artist.

Kate is New York-based, Burning Man-bred artist who creates illuminated allegorical environments at the intersection of sculpture and architecture. She learned early on to creatively adapt to her surroundings as her family relocated 6 times to 4 different countries by the age of 14, where she observed clearly that “the most unifying and uplifting identifiers of humanity are its cultural expressions.”

pavilion summer night persp1.jpg

ActualFood is a philanthropically funded research & development laboratory conducting a radical experiment on the most overlooked opportunity to change our food system: the grocery shopping experience.


Silas Finch is a storyteller that prefers not to speak, an immortalizer of the objects he is obsessed with collecting. Originally from Cape Cod Massachusetts, he now resides in Portland Oregon. For Silas, the greatest challenge in sculpture is to be simple, “to strip something down to its last component.”

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